i need a final project proposal

I need a final project proposal. The theme is confirmed.

Final projects and are expected to answer a specific question or set of questions in the field of terrestrial ecosystem ecology with original analysis of existing observational data that are readily available, or of new data generated from an original computer simulation.

Requires: The proposal should include a preliminary title and between 250 and 350 words (max 350 words) of text in an abstract form that describes the intended topic of study, possibly a question to be addressed (if identified), the methods of analysis, and anticipated findings (at least two).

Theme: Global Land Change, Albedo, and Climate Warming/Cooling

Humans have significantly influenced the global distribution of land cover types (biomes) primarily through agricultural expansion, urbanization, wood extraction, and pastoral management. One consequence is a change in planetary albedo that meaningfully alters Earth’s climate. Surface albedo varies across land cover types, within land cover types, as well as with the seasonal presence of snow. The impact on climate also varies with the intensity of solar radiation reaching the surface. This set of projects will analyze data on global historical rates of land change, variation in albedo across land cover types, snow cover variation seasonally and geographically, and the warming or cooling effects of these combined changes.

Datafile(s): GlobalAlbedoAndLandChange.docx describes several

a) Rates of global historical land change by region

b) Variability in albedo within and across land cover types

c) Global snow cover seasonality

d) Global solar radiation seasonality

e) Potential climate warming/cooling of any land cover in select locations

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