i need a paper in apa format 19

Note: Use the attached document to complete the assignment, I have already selected the company.

The goals of this assignment are to a) outline and analyze the business model for the selected organization, and b) to share your work with our community of learners in this class. This assignment consists of three steps that should be completed by Sunday at 11:59 p.m., CT:

  1. outline and analyze the business model for the selected organization;
  2. share your business model with the class; and
  3. read through your peers’ responses and respond to at least two.

Step 1: Outline and analyze the business model for the selected organization

Outline and analyze the business model for your selected organization. Include an analysis of your organization’s current operations and the guiding philosophies on which it operates. In addition, include predictions about the near future of your organization and how it will respond to those predictions should they become reality. Also include ways your organization will measure where it stands in relation to its competitive rivals.

Approach to the assignment:

  1. In addition to drawing on your readings from this course, you will be expected to conduct additional research to complete this assignment.
  2. The section title must be centered and bold. Sub-sections, based on your content coverage, must be left aligned and in bold.
  3. This paper should be at least 2 pages long, excluding your cover and reference pages, and must be fully compliant with APA standards for academic writing.
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