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BBA 2026 Unit II discussion Board DUE 4/04/20: SAT

The Unit II Lesson begins with Sheri Alexander’s (2015) assertion that organizations use strategic planning in two ways: Either an organization treats the strategic plan as formulaic, or the organization considers the strategic plan to be a crucial element of day-to-day operations. In the lesson, employee engagement is described as the key difference between these types of organizational outlooks. In your opinion, what role does communication play in employee engagement?

I have to respond to my classmate this is what they wrote:

To me effective communication plays a huge role in employee engagement. I think not only does it boost efficiency and productivity it increases employee engagement. Communication gets the employees involved and allows them ownership of the problem or topic at hand. The employees will be engaged if they are involved in the day-to-day activities of the organization. Allow the team to address concerns and make suggestions I think this is a type of open communication and allows the team to communicate more freely. I think sometimes we confuse employee engagement and employee involvement. To me I think to be involved is to take active role in the business while to be engaged might be a passive acceptance of company values and policies. So to communicate and get employees involved makes a better working environment.

BBA 2026 Unit III Discussion Board DUE 4/11/20:SAT

Review the following scenario, and then discuss it in terms of both functional and dysfunctional conflict within an organization.

Last year, an organization established a company policy requiring that all employees smile and make eye contact with customers. Since then, employee grievances have continued to escalate. In the last month alone, 10 employees from three different stores have filed grievances. Most of them list customer harassment as a major issue: The customers assume that the employee is flirting with them because the customers are misreading the social cues. Additionally, one employee who had recently suffered the loss of her spouse complained about being reprimanded by a supervisor because she was not smiling at customers “with sufficient enthusiasm.”

The organization wants to maintain an image as a friendly place to shop that cares about its customers, but the organization also wants to be a place where employees can work in a safe environment.

Explain which communication technique (or techniques) you think would be most helpful in creating a solution, and explain why you believe the technique (or techniques) will help.

BIO 1302 Unit II Discussion Board DUE 4/04/20: SAT

Globally, the human population is increasing exponentially (see the graph below). What are some of the reasons for this population explosion? What are the implications for unchecked human population growth, both for our species and the others we share planet Earth with and how may be deal with this issue in an ecologically ethical manner? For inspiration, check out this video from the American Museum of Natural History:



I have to respond to my classmate this is what they wrote:

Instruction to response to your classmate. This is a college-level course and I expect that all discussion board posts and replies are written in complete sentences using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Please refrain from submitting “I agree” replies that essentially restate another student’s post. Substantive points will be deducted for restated replies.

This is what my classmate wrote:

Technology and advancement in medical research has a huge contributing factor in the population explosion. With Technology came electricity, indoor (purified) water, flushing toilets and an infrastructure that created a better quality of life living conditions across America and most of the World. Medical research showed, that washing of our hands was also a necessity in decreasing the spreading of illnesses; much like today, it showed that water and soap assist in the prevention of contagious deceases. Very much like we see in our grocery stores across America right now, if we do not monitor how much of our resources that we are Wasting ~ we could easily run out. We must continue to monitor things such as hazardous materials and wastes to ensure they do not contaminate our drinking water and that of our animals that we use as food source. As a result of our growth, we must all ensure we protect our resources to the bes of our abilities.

BIO 1302 III Discussion Board DUE 4/11/20:

Consider humans as the ultimate predator on Earth. Many, if not most of us, particularly in the United States, are quite comfortable with the harvesting of wild organisms like bluefin tuna, white-tailed deer, cotton-tailed rabbits, channel catfish, etc. Other countries and cultures, however, value species for food that rarely, if ever, find their way to the North American dinner plate, including marine mammals. What are your thoughts on the harvesting of organisms such as whales, dolphins, seals, etc.? Is hunting the only major issue that might threaten the existence of these organisms? Should we limit ourselves to eating only certain organisms? Why, or why not? Please feel free to do some independent research. For some insight, please see the video below on the cultural significance of Inuit whaling in Alaska from the BBC (click cc on the bottom right of the video to enable closed captioning)

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