i need the following information condensed into a smaller format

I need the following condensed into a smaller format. Make it into bullet points showing what impact non profits can do for the homeless women and children now and in the future. It needs to be detailed, precise, clean and the grammar needs to be flawless. I need it to show each point from 1 – 10 and then about 2 bullet points for each number. If you notice any errors, please correct them.

My research topic outlines and discusses viable solutions that nonprofit organizations can implement to prevent current and future homelessness.

  1. Nonprofit organizations and community-based organizations that play a vital role in shaping and giving back to the community. The primary thing that nonprofit organizations can do is engage in reducing homelessness by establishing programs to understand the homeless. As much as homelessness may be defined by lack of tenure, following the causal elements can develop efficient solutions. Thus, nonprofit organizations should identify every unique problem and develop suitable mitigation strategies.
  2. Secondly, nonprofit organizations can promote suitable programs aimed at getting the homeless population settled. Usually, this step is undertaken after understanding the cause of homelessness. For instance, sending people to homecare facilities is most appropriate for homeless children without families. However, for mothers displaced from their families due to poor living conditions or lack of jobs, starting a business opportunity would reduce homelessness.
  3. Thirdly, nonprofit organizations can provide a list of shelters available in the surrounding area. Through government and community aid, some emergency places have been established to accommodate this demographic. Organizations can help reduce homelessness by developing a list of local shelters and handing this list to those on the streets.
  4. Additionally, nonprofit organizations can engage in programs that aim at donating money and material to the homeless. For instance, developing a campaign through partnership with manufacturing companies can help. Here, the sale of a particular good earns the homeless program a certain percentage. Earmarking the saving for rent or food among the poor can help reduce street displacement (Holgersson-Shorter, 2013).
  5. Fifth, nonprofit organizations can donate to people living in poverty. Poor living conditions, such as lack of food, shelter, and clothing, result in homelessness. Addressing these needs through the donation of clothing, grocery, money, and other requirements will address homelessness.
  6. Besides, employing the homeless, especially women, a long-term goal can be to reduce homelessness. Ensuring the demographic have well-paying jobs and business opportunities will enhance the affordability of shelter or housing and other basic needs (Epel, Bandura & Zimbardo, 2015).
  7. Also, helping the homeless apply for readily available aid is essential. Here, nonprofit organizations can send the needs of the homeless to the governmental and community agencies for help. They can also apply for more grants that assist this population.
  8. Charitable organizations can also address this situation by starting habitat plans for humanity. This involves the development of housing strategies for the homeless. Collaborating with churches, companies, and the government can aid in erecting the houses.
  9. Furthermore, nonprofit organizations can help women and children facing the verge of homelessness by forming a transitional housing program. The program legally binds homeowners to have more grace from evicting former homeless tenants. At the same time, it helps residents find cheap and affordable housing options. Such can be steered through community agencies and homelessness data exchange services.

Lastly, contacting government representatives for efficient solutions to homelessness can yield some positive results. Similarly, advocating for homelessness prevention programs can enhance short and long-term approaches toward homelessness (Burt, Aron & Lee, 2016). This can involve planning for the homeless and those who are likely to lose their homes and start living on the streets.

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