i only need a one page in this assignment excellent english please no plagiarism no grammar typos provide quality work

I only need a one page in this assignment. Excellent English please, no plagiarism no grammar typos. Provide quality work


Assignment #2 (group assignment)
The Assignment #2 focus is on the transition of your product customers to the product extension. You will explain how your product customers have formed their attitudes (Ch. 7 Attitudes). You should evaluate the power of attitudes, the way they are formed, applicable models, and more importantly, how attitudes are used to predict behavior.
Once the evaluation of attitudes towards your existing product and their applicability or not to the product extension is completed, you will move into exploring why this product extension would be appropriate for your target market and why you expect them to buy the new product, specifically in terms of Ch. 8, Attitude Change.
As part of this evaluation, you will focus on changing attitudes through communications, with an emphasis on how the source of communication is contrasted with the actual message being communicated. In other words, you will assess the effectiveness of the message or the impact of the source in changing people’s attitudes towards buying your product extension.

I am doing chapter 8 (attitude change). The product is Levoit humidifier, our extension is voice control humidifier. Basically its like you can use your voice to turn on or turn off the humidifier. The new product is for people who like high- tech product, or people who disability and wants smart amenities. Just one page.
There is PowerPoint for chapter8! Please review it, the work is based on this PowerPoint.

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