1. With _________________, the seller pays the actual freight charges and bills every purchase with an identical, flat freight charge.


zone pricing

  b. basing-point pricing
  c. uniform delivered pricing
  d. freight absorption pricing
  e. FOB origin pricing

2. ABC Company is hoping to increase its product sales immediately.  Its best option is to use:

  a. sales promotion
  b. marketing research
  c. advertising
  d. publicity
  e. personal selling

3.A medium’s ability to reach a precisely defined market is its:

  a. market targeting
  b. noise filtering ability
  c. geographic selectivity
  d. cost per exposure
  e. audience selectivity


4. Denny owned a small company which just started selling a new product.  To try and win favor from some retailers who carried competing products, Denny offered them higher margins on his products than on his competitors’.  This is known as:

  a. Trade promotion
  b. Sales promotion
  c. A pull strategy
  d. Trade partnership
  e. Consumer promotion


Question 5    查不到,但是感觉是第四个,受众广?

One of the main advantages of television advertising is:

Television can be high cost but has higher impact, it is more engaging and that makes it easier to demonstrate the products. It also provides wide coverage, which is particularly appealing for nationwide product launches.

  a. the lack of commercial clutter
  b. that it is cheap
  c. its captive audience
  d. ability to reach wide and diverse audience
  e. its ability to convey complex messages

Question 6

Why do many brands with a large market share spend proportionally less on advertising compared to brands with small market share in most industries?

  a. Certain industries have a practice of spending a low amount of dollars
  b. They cannot afford to spend more
  c. The firms with large market share do not need to advertise much
  d. Advertising will not stimulate their sales
  e. Because they need a lower proportion to get the same amount of absolute advertising expenses


Question 7

Slatescape sells crushed slate to be used as a decorative, permanent mulch to keep weeds out of flower beds.  Slatescape has decided to put a majority of its promotion budget into personal selling and promotion to lawn and garden supply stores and large discount stores such as Wal-Mart.  This new strategy is aimed towards:

  a. creating a push strategy
  b. increasing consumers’ preference of its product
  c. increasing the use of manufacturer rebates
  d. creating a pull strategy
  e. increasing awareness among consumers

Question 8

ABC Enterprises is trying to spur growth in sales in the short term.  Their best bet for this project is to focus on:

  a. personal selling
  b. advertising
  c. publicity
  d. social media
  e. sales promotion

Question 9 When entering a market for a high cost product, using the strategy of setting your price high so that you attract less price-sensitive buyers and thus earn money via high margins, not volume, is known as what type of pricing:


a. Market skimming


b. Mark-up

c. Profit maximization


d. Dollar sales maximization


e. Market penetration


Question 10

For salespeople, the process of screening out poor customers is called:

  a. Selection
  b. Pre-approach
  c. Prospecting
  d. Qualifying
  e. Approach

Question 11

Heinz is contemplating introducing its ketchup in countries where the product is rarely used.  So, this is a rather novel product. Heinz has to rely primarily on _____ advertising.

  a. reminder
  b. repetitive
  c. persuasive
  d. top of the mind
  e. informative

Question 12

_____________ is the process of finding hidden patterns and relationships in the customer data stored in the data warehouse.

  a. Customer profiling
  b. Cluster analysis
  c. Correlation analysis

  c. is a model for reaching promotional goals that propels consumers along the stages of consumer involvement process



d. Regression analysis
  e. Data mining


Data Mining

used to find hidden patterns and relationships in the customer data stored in the data warehouse

Question 13

Jaguar has created a new car for a limited time, and is priced at $400,000.  Jaguar is aiming to:

  a. get some market share of super luxury car markets
  b. maximize the company’s unit sales
  c. maximize the company’s market share in the car industry
  d. Can be any of the above
  e. maximize the company’s dollar sales


2 points   


Question 14

The AIDA concept:

  a. is a plan based on the effectiveness of sales promotion
  b. demonstrates that buyers go through nine stages on the way to making a decision
  d. each individual promotional message should get the customers to the purchase stage ?
  e. is a model effectively showing that advertising is somewhat of a random process

Question 15

Social media is:

  a. primarily a medium to promote products and services
  b. Internet based services that facilitate conversations and social interaction
  c. always a useful avenue for marketers
  d. meant to be a way for marketers to get more individual level data
  e. any website aimed at marketing to consumers

Question 16

A company has found that sales response to its advertising expenses has been rather low.  What does this suggest?

  a. No definitive statement can be made because the company may not know what point of sales-advertising curve does it lie on
  b. It should stop spending on advertising since it is not showing good results anyway
  c. It should spend less because the sales response will get worse at higher level of advertising
  d. It should spend more because the sales response will improve at higher level of advertising
  e. Advertising does not have any effect on sales

Question 17

An organization is using _________________ when it sets its prices so that its revenues are as large as possible compared to its costs.

  a. dollar sales maximization
  b. unit sales maximization
  c. cost based pricing
  d. profit maximization
  e. market share maximization


Question 18

In a CRM environment, ________________ is defined as the informal process of collecting customer information through customer contacts and feedback on product and service performance.

  a. data mining
  b. leveraging
  c. interaction
  d. learn


  e. knowledge management


Question 19

_____ refers to the way the advertisement message is conveyed.

  a. Campaign evaluation
  b. Message execution
  c. None of the above
  d. Identifying product benefits
  e. Evaluating the appeal of competing advertisements

Question 20

With a (n) _______________ media schedule, the marketer may alternate between no advertising and heavy advertising every other month to achieve a greater impact for the same budget.

  a. bursting
  b. intermittent
  c. pulsing
  d. flighted
  e. periodic


Question 21

A consumer goods company wants to reach its market, but feels that its consumers are often distracted by all the media clutter.  If this is true, it should consider:

  a. advertising
  b. product placement
  c. press release
  d. personal selling
  e. Internet

Question 22

Point-of-purchase displays in grocery stores are mostly targeted at creating:

  a. knowledge
  b. action
  c. preference
  d. awareness
  e. liking

Question 23

Dick’s Sporting Goods collects a vast amount of data through its website, direct mailings, and retail stores.  To be useful, all of these data would be centralized in a(n):

  a. data warehouse
  b. central server
  c. data bank
  d. data mart
  e. data cluster

Question 24

The Comcast Triple Play package includes cable television, Internet, and telephone service for a price significantly lower than the cost of the three services priced separately.  This is an example of _______________.

  a. option pricing
  b. quantity discount pricing
  c. price bundling
  d. two-part pricing
  e. loss leader pricing


Question 25

Using consumers to develop and market products is called:

  a. crowdfunding
  b. co-creation
  c. closed innovation
  d. crowdsourcing
  e. brainstorming

Question 26

If you are trying to appeal to the mass markets, the most effective promotional method is:

  a. Direct marketing
  b. Public relations
  c. Promotion
  d. Publicity
  e. Advertising

Question 27

Personal selling:

  a. is a good substitute for advertising
  b. is more effective than advertising in the early stages of the purchase process
  c. is more effective than advertising in the later stages of the purchase process

Personal Selling (Expensive; face-to-face; high impact)

Can be very effective

Companies may rely on advertising to do initial work of informing the customers but use personal selling in the later stages


  d. serves the same purpose as advertising
  e. is less expensive than advertising

Question 28

Persuasion becomes the primary promotion goal when entering which stage of the product life cycle?

  a. Maturity
  b. Introduction
  c. Growth
  d. Persuasion is always a good idea
  e. Decline


Question 29

A price-skimming strategy would be very appropriate for which of the following?

  a. A high technology solar automobile
  b. A mass market cereal
  c. A new comic book series with an obviously gay hero
  d. A new brand of bottled water
  e. Low wattage light bulbs

Question 30

The main function of a promotional strategy is to:

  a. create a strong brand image in the marketplace
  b. enhance the value of the brand so the customers are willing to pay a higher price
  c. find a niche in the marketplace for the firm and its products
  d. convince its customers that a firm’s products offer advantages over those of its competition
  e. create brand awareness in the marketplace

Question 31

A website that allows individuals to connect with friends, peers, and business associates is called a:

  a. social networking site
  b. media sharing site
  c. virtual world
  d. social news site
  e. microblog

Question 32

Companies can buy space on the folding trays in front of every seat on airplanes to inform travelers about their products.  Use of this kind of promotion would be considered:

  a. public relations
  b. publicity
  c. sales promotion
  d. personal selling



Question 33

Which of the following would imply demand would be elastic?

  a. high involvement product
  b. nondurable product
  c. many substitute products
  d. difficult to evaluate quality
  e. price is low relative to purchasing power


Question 34

ABC Company is trying to build its brand image.  If so, it should probably not focus on:

  a. Sales promotion
  b. Publicity
  c. Personal selling

(not sure)

  d. Press releases
  e. Advertising

uestion 35

Instead of sending artfully arranged flower bouquets, an entrepreneur has developed fresh fruit bouquets and is marketing them under the name Edible Arrangements.  The premium fruit is cut to mimic flowers, arranged in a basket, and carefully delivered to the recipient’s home. One of the challenges is convincing customers about the appeal of this novelty product.  Thus, Edible Arrangements will be using _____________ advertising to promote its fruit bouquets.

  a. comparative
  b. pioneering
  c. competitive
  d. institutional
  e. demonstration

Question 36

The American Plastics Council wants to stimulate more consumer demand for products that are packaged in plastic.  The ads will be run in consumer magazines and will hopefully cause customers to ask retailers to carry more products packaged in plastic.  The American Plastics Council is:

  a. using publicity to fight the negative image associated with the use of plastics
  b. using a push strategy
  c. using a pull strategy
  d. focusing on recycling plastic packaging
  e. increasing secondary demand for plastics

uestion 37 _____ measures the number of different target consumers who are exposed to a commercial at least once. a. Reach b. Audience selectivity c. Impact d. Frequency e. Cost per exposure Question 38

Which of the following is an example of owned media?

  a. The display advertisement that FitBody purchased on the local newspaper’s Web site
  b. An e-mail sent by Garrett to the manager of FitBody, asking about what types of workout programs the gym offers
  c. The Facebook page created by FitBody to let members know about special events at the gym
  d. The tweet that Winnie—who works out regularly at FitBody—sent to her followers about how much weight she’s lost since she’s been working out
  e. The personal blog “Feeling the Burn,” maintained by Andy, who is one of the members of FitBody

39. The situation in which there are so many buyers and sellers that each has little control on price is known as:

  a. Pure Monopoly
  b. Uncontrolled Competition
  c. Monopolistic Competition
  d. Pure Competition
  e. Oligopolistic Competition


40. After establishing a listening platform, the next step for an organization should be to:

  a. implement measurement tools to determine the benefits of social media
  b. develop a list of objectives for its social media team to accomplish
  c. identify potential consumers
  d. attempt to develop a unique social media platform to generate buzz about the brand
  e. decide which tools and platforms to use as part of its social media strategy

Question 41

A (n) _______________ media schedule combines continuous scheduling throughout the year with a flighted schedule during the best sales periods.

  a. flighted
  b. periodic
  c. intermittent
  d. bursting
  e. Pulsing


Question 42

Price elasticity refers to:

  a. how much price will change in response to demand
  b. how much demand will change with a given change in price
  c. how much cost can be recovered at a given price
  d. how much price will change in response to supply
  e. how much supply will change in response to price

Question 43

Why do some marketers offer rebates instead of price reductions to induce short-term sales?

  a. A price reduction of this type would likely be an example of price discrimination.
  b. Rebates result in brand-loyal consumers.
  c. Rebates are good at enticing purchases, but most consumers never bother to redeem them.
  d. Consumers find rebates more appealing.
  e. Rebates are more convenient for consumers.


Question 44

A print ad for Real Simple magazine shows a typical scene of a group of women sitting on a sofa, and casually chatting.  Which executional style is being used in this ad?

  a. humor
  b. testimony
  c. slice-of-life
  d. demonstration
  e. mood or image

Question 45

Which advertising is particularly suited for smaller competitors moving up to the more upscale markets?

  a. demonstration
  b. competitive
  c. pioneering
  d. comparative
  e. institutional

Question 46

When Delta Airlines raises or lowers its prices on its Atlanta to Chicago route, other airlines tend to make the same changes in their pricing.  This is an example of ______________ pricing.

  a. market share
  b. predatory
  c. cost-plus
  d. status quo
  e. target return

uestion 47

When Microsoft introduced its Zune MP3 player, some people thought it would capture the MP3 player market by pricing its product so low that a smaller competitor, like the Apple iPod, would be unable to compete and have to quit the market.  If Microsoft had used this approach, it would be guilty of _________________.

  a. product dumping
  b. price discrimination
  c. price fixing
  d. predatory pricing
  e. unfair trade practices

Question 48

South Africa’s Competition Commission accused South African Airways of conspiring with its partner, Germany’s Lufthansa, to set high prices on flights between Johannesburg and Frankfurt.  As a result, the two airlines were charged with:

  a. premium pricing
  b. price discrimination
  c. price fixing
  d. price skimming
  e. predatory pricing

Question 49

Detrol, a drug for an overactive bladder, runs a television ad where a female restroom sign jumps off the door and convinces a patient (without naming any of the competitors) that Detrol is the best solution available.  This is an example of a (n) _____ ad.

  a. competitive
  b. demonstration
  c. pioneering
  d. institutional
  e. comparative

Question 50

The use of trade promotion by a manufacturer is aimed towards:

  a. giving incentives to the final consumers to buy its product
  b. creating a pull strategy
  c. increasing awareness among consumers
  d. creating a push strategy
  e. increasing consumers’ preference of its product



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