If you can increase the company’s net income by $10 million, is it ethical to outsource manufacturing to a country that limits personal freedom, engages in censorship, and is repressive? Explain fully your point of view. Which of the following best describes the decision to outsource manufacturing of athletic shoes to a repressive country that limits personal freedom. Explain fully your point of view. 1 Ethical and Legal 2 Ethical, but Illegal 3 Unethical, but Legal 4 Unethical and Illegal. As a consultant, what would your recommend the company do and why?

No, it is not ethical to outsource the manufacturing to a country who is repressive, limits personal freedom and engages in censorship as it is following the practice which are against the liberty of humans. These actions must be condemned and no business should be given to stand against their actions. Also, in case it is outsourced, it will impact company’s image.

It is unethical but Legal. Outsourcing the business to new country is totally legal but in this case, it is unethical as the acts of country are inhuman.

As a consultant, I will not recommend to outsource as there is a risk to the company. So, they can look for other countries where conditions are much more stable and follows all ethical norms.

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