If you were to buy Pizza (Dominous or Pizza Hut) which brand do you think will be more successful when compared with the constrasting brand and why?

Though both of these are operating in the same industry and for the same set of customer’s share of wallet. Each has a different focussed business model. Dominoes more on delivery model, Pizza hut more on restaurant experience model.Each has transgressed to the other model and tried take aways and few other models, but if we view the over all success in terms of customer preference and over all share of wallet.
Most customers prefer to eat pizzas at their home and is seen as a snacking option in place of regular diet, and is a less preferred item when people go out for lunch or dinner, hence Dominoes has perfected this model really well, has a well optimized delivery mode and hence helps it to get more orders than Pizza hut, making it more successful brand.

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