In 300 words reply to the question: Critique our response to Hurricane Katrina

When the president of US gives statement, “better prepared for any challenge of nature, or act of evil men, that could threaten our people” it shows the impact of the event. The Hurricane Katrina was not only natural disaster but also a nations failure in terms of proactive response to such situation after 9/11 attacks. This is also been viewed as failure of leadership from the developed country like USA. The failure in being prepared is also an outcome of political differences in states larders leading to non unified national response system. Homeland Security Presidential Directives were claimed to be flawless before the hurricane but later on Federal agencies were running after it. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was suppose to play central role between defense, private, non private organizations and other acting agencies involved in various tasks like prevention, evacuation, recovery, medical support etc. but the poor inter departmental coordination created questions over all the jargons given for management and quality by western country. This was not solely issue with the FEMA it was basically large network existed in system leading to lot gaps and unawareness of responsibilities. The non homogeneity added lot of difference in the authority of taking decisions in emergencies. The Katrina was not at all the surprise for the region in fact it was well informed and predicted crisis. FEMA responded with one simulation in New Orleans but it was not well funded which lead increase the gap of networking at organizational level. As a leader of the USA the preparation part was not been taken as a priority which again became just a political agenda used against republicans. So the Hurricane Katrina was roaring before its arrival and till today a roaring example of poor preparation of well intimated crisis in the world.

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