In the age of social media, e-mail marketing as a sales technique has virtually dried up. True or False?

The statement is false.

Email technique is not dried up here are some data to support my answer.

As per a report in 74 trillion emails are send. It was a growth of 28% from 2015. This was a report given by Communicator Email Benchmark Report 2016.

The same report says that every day people send 269 billion emails. There are 3.7 billion users in the world.

In US more than 90% of youngsters use a email id. So they are easily targeted by the marketers.

The average delivery of mails in 2016 was 98%. If we talk about the business then 95% professionals use email to communicate.

So these were some numbers to support my answer.

E-mail marketing is not getting traditional. It is most effective way of marketing uses by marketers.

Pl give me a thumbs-up for same.

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