In your opinion, what are the most important practical tools of strategic marketing and why? Answer should contain 200-400 words.

Answer :

Strategic Marketing : It is defined as the marketing process carried out in a strategic manner, such that the marketing process results the long term business results or able to achieve a set of specific objectives for the organization.

The marketing to be carried out in such a way that the marketing does not give the short term business results, but also provides the long term business results for the organization. This is known as the strategic marketing for the organization.

Following are the practical tools for the strategic marketing as below

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) : Developing and maintaining the customer relationship is the key practical tool which can help in supporting the strategic marketing for any organization. It helps to retain and develop customers, which will generate the business of the organization. Thus customer is the top most priority for any business and if we manage customer relationship, then it will ensure that this marketing will help in long term growth of the business.

Press Release : The press release is the practical tool which builds the brand for the organization, which is remembered by the public for longer time, thus it becomes the tool for strategic marketing.

Email Marketing: Email marketing helps in building the marketing results for longer time , as people remembers the email notifications for longer time.

Revenue Generation Software : This is another tools which helps in strategic marketing for the organization

Analytics: Analytics process helps in analyzing the key area of marketing for the organization, thus it is a tool for feeding the needful information for the marketing requirements which provides long term benefits for the organization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : This is similar to analytics process, as the SEO helps in searching the required needful pre-feed information for the strategic marketing process, which helps in freezing the strategic marketing plan for the organization.

Social media : Social media is the latest tool of strategic marketing as people follows the social media like everything for their routine needs and awareness of the market. People started full dependency on social media for their basic/routine marketing awareness.

These are practical tools for strategic marketing because the marketing carried out by these tools results in long term business results and higher branding for the organization.

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