inside an apache rite of passage into womanhood

minimum of 250 words and should answer these questions:

activity should be carried out after you have watched the film, Inside an Apache Rite of Passage Into Womanhood.

  • How would you describe the steps to a Mescalero Apache Puberty Rite? Explain what each step means and how it proceeds. What does the woman who is the protagonist of the ritual have to do to prepare for it? What do the parents of the woman have to do to prepare for this ritual? You may use this prezi (Links to an external site.) as well as the film to answer this question.
  • Research other “puberty rites of passage” and explain in detail of another such rite of passage in a different culture. How does it differ from the Mescalero Apache rite of passage? What aspects of it are similar to the Mescalero Apache rite of passage?
  • A puberty rite of passage is a cultural event that marks an individual’s transition between childhood and puberty. What would you say are the main concepts that are involved in a puberty rite of passage? Here you could use concepts such as empowerment, responsibility, belonging, choice, etc.
  • How do you think the events in both the Mescalero Apache rite of passage and the puberty rite of passage that you researched correlate to Victor Turner’s phases in a rite of passage: separation, liminality and aggregation?
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