Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Assignment

Assessment task title: An Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for (insert brand name)


Due Date: Friday, October 12 2018 by 5pm (Week 11).


Weighting/Value: 25%


Details of Task: Assume the role of either a marketing communications manager within an

organisation or a marketing communication consultant hired by an organisation to devise an

integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaign for a new brand. You are required to

develop an IMC plan for this new product in the market.


The IMC plan:

(i) Pertains to a new product for a new company. You cannot use an existing product or company.

(ii) Be based on one of the three (3) product offerings outlined below. There will be no exceptions!

(iii) Pertain to a B2C (business-to-consumer) environment.

(iii) Cover a single 12 month period of time.

(iv) Have a budget equivalent to a maximum of RM 1 million

(v) Be confined to one geographic location i.e. Malaysia.


The THREE (3) product offerings you can select from are:

(i) A themed cafe (ii) baby food (III) Energy drinks



The IMC plan will comprise of the following sections:


Executive summary

Provide an overview of the plan so the readers can quickly grasp what the objectives, main

findings, and recommendations are.


1.0. Introduction

Include purpose of your assignment, briefly introduce your product concept, outline of your

assignment and select a geographic location. Note: for this assessment task you are not required

to provide the following typical business report subsections: methodology / scope/ assumptions /



2.0 An abbreviated IMC situation analysis

● 2.1. Internal analysis: In this section of your IMC campaign plan you will discuss the

strengths and weaknesses of your brand.

● 2.2. External analysis: In this section of your IMC campaign plan, you will briefly discuss

industry trends resulting in the identification of opportunities and threats for your selected

product. Identification of consumer trends to be included.


3.0 Segmentation, targeting and positioning (markets)

Identification of a minimum of 3 potential segments. Briefly describe each segment (market) and select a Target Market. Justify your selection. Recommend a positioning strategy for your brand.

4.0 IMC objectives

Develop a minimum of 5 communication objectives, complying with the SMARTT guidelines.

5.0 Creative strategy statement

● Tagline/ brand associations/ packaging design/ choice of colours (if significant)

● Recommended message strategy, the corresponding appeals and executional techniques

with justification.

6.0 Selection and discussion of IMC tools

● Describe how you would like to use each of your selected MC tools over the course of your

12-month IMC campaign.

● Clearly outline the costs associated with using each of your selected MC tools. You are

required to provide a detailed budget table for each selected MC tool. The costs

associated with using each MC tool will come out of your RM1 million.

● A written explanation and graphical presentation of media schedule.

● A timetable of activities (to include all MC tools/functions).

The following are specific instructions regarding your use of various media vehicles (i.e., your

media mix):


Think carefully about which media vehicles you select, as these will be used to deliver your brand

messages/sales promotions etc. As such, you need to explain the link between each media vehicle and your selected primary target audience. Again, it is critical that you explain how this media mix will facilitate the attainment of your communication objectives.

You are required to:

● include at least two mass media vehicles and at least one type of social media in your

IMC plan.

● Describe how these media vehicles will help you to achieve your communication objectives.

● Discuss when you want to use each media vehicle over the course of your 12-month IMC

campaign. For example, do you want to use one particular media channel before the product

launch and other types after the launch? If so, why?

● Outline the (i) frequency and (ii) cost of each media vehicle selected.

7.0. Campaign evaluation & conclusion

In this section, you will discuss how you intend to evaluate your IMC campaign. In other words,

you will:

● Discuss the specific evaluation methods/techniques you would recommend be used to

evaluate your IMC program.

● Discuss what is to be tested and when the testing will occur.

● Provide a final summary budget table outlining the top line costing for each of your IMC tools.

It should also include the costs associated with the evaluation phase of your IMC campaign.

Note: Collateral material

This refers to your promotional material. This can include advertisements, brochures, point-ofpurchase

(POP) material, packaging if you are using creative packaging, sales promotion material,

and trade promotion material. This must be original work and must reflect your communication

objectives, target audience and positioning of the product.

10% of the overall assignment marks are allocated for creativity and collateral material.




You are required to use the APA referencing format for this assignment. Failure to use this

reference format will result in a loss of marks. The Unit Moodle site has links to information on this referencing format. Please also refer to the Q manual. It is expected that you will provide at least 10 references that are a combination of journals, textbooks, trade-press articles, newspaper articles, and relevant industry sources. Ensure that all references cited in text are listed in your references and vice versa. Check that you have appropriately acknowledged the sources that you used to formulate your statements.

Saving of Assignment/ Unit Work You are required to keep a copy of each assignment that you submit in case you are asked to resubmit your work. This copy must be retained until the results of this unit are finalised. Each semester considerable distress results from students losing work because of computer/disk/USB/iPod failures. Such failures ARE NOT a reason for seeking within semester extensions of time. It is the responsibility of all students to adequately back-up their work in multiple ways. Do not rely


Word limit: 3000 words, excluding executive summary, table of contents, reference list,

appendices and collateral material.

Presentation requirements: The ability to present a well formatted and edited piece of work is an

essential graduate attribute for business students. As such, you are expected to prepare and

present your work in a professional manner. Attention to basic elements of expression – spelling,

punctuation, and grammar is essential.

● Bind your assignments.

● All pages of your assignments should be numbered appropriately.

● You must use numbered descriptive subheadings throughout your IMC campaign plan.

● Fully justify your text.

● Use 12 (font size) Times New Roman, 2.5cm margins all sides and 1.5 spacing. Tables and

diagrams need to be single spaced, 10 fonts.

● Tables and figures need to be labelled appropriately and referred to in the body of the plan.

● If colour features in your collateral material, you should print this material in colour.

● You must report the word count at the end of the document.

Estimated return date: 2 weeks from submission date

Criteria for marking: The following is a general guide to the breakdown of marks between different

elements of the task,


Task Components ( % of Available Mark)

· Executive Summary 5%

· Introduction 5%

· SWOT Analysis 10%

· Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 10%

· Communication Objectives 10%

· Creative Strategy Statement 5%

· IMC Program Mix 30%

· Campaign Evaluation & Conclusion 10%

· Presentation and References 5%

· Collateral Material 10%

· Total 100%


Learning objectives assessed: Objectives 1, 3 & 5.


1. Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the marketing communication strategies used to build


3. Analyse and apply the marketing communication processes as they apply to specific targets.

5. Determine and apply the processes associated with evaluating the effectiveness of marketing

communication across a range of media vehicles.

You should also bear in mind Unit Objective 4 when developing your IMC campaign. That is, you

should think about any social, legal, and ethical issues that could impact on the way in which you

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