International Business Plan

Project 5—Final Report Template

Memo: Please use this template


1. Title page

· states the client organization, selected country, the client’s product, type of legal structure, and the alliance partner

· date submitted

· your name

· course title, course and section number

· professor’s name

2. Table of contents

· page numbers for each major section

3. Executive summary

· summarizes the results of your analysis and how you arrived at the recommendation

· belongs on a separate page from the introduction to the report

· Start your executive summary as follows: “Business Plan for [selected client organization] to enter [selected country] $(size of market in US Dollars) market for [product/service] through a [type of legal structure] with [selected alliance partner].”

4. Introduction (first page of report body)

· states the purpose of the report

· explains what the report will do

· introduces the industry, country, and client’s name

5. Marketing strategy

· market analysis

· characteristics of potential customers in the country

· use of web networks and social media for e-marketing

6. Governance and CSR

7. Financial projections

8. Strategy implementation

9. Conclusion

· Summary of the recommendations and rationale

10. Reference

· APA-style reference page

11. Appendices

· if needed

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