International Marketing Group Assignment


Assignment 2 (International Market Entry Plan)

Weight: 25% of assessment Group or Individual: Group Assignment Length: 3000 – 3500 words (excluding references, title page and executive summary) Due date: A week after the presentation in Tutorial Class.

Suppose you are a Manager in charge of marketing your company products. For further expansion of its

market the company intends to expand its business in foreign markets through export mode of market entry.

The Company president has advised you to prepare an international marketing plan for the company to

enter into a foreign market including a review of its competitive advantage that can be exploited in an

overseas market and selection of a potential country market in a region to expand its business. Take note

that the company has no plan to expand its manufacturing operation in the near future.

For this task in your hand, follow the steps below and prepare a draft proposal for consideration of the

Company President and CEO (to be presented as per schedule in the Tutorial class):

1. Select a local company that may have export potential for the first time or expand its current

international marketing activities within the region or in a psychically distant regional market.

2. Evaluate its competitive advantages and challenges for the intended possible expansion in the

context of an overseas market.

3. Select a potential country market for first time entry or further expansion of business. Briefly justify

your selection using appropriate theory(ies) of internationalization

4. Conduct an environmental analysis on the selected market with an objective of assessing the

nature of international marketing activities of the company in the market. This analysis should have

significant implications on your entry strategy and marketing program strategies.

5. Evaluate market entry strategies and select one of the alternatives with justification.

6. Prepare a marketing strategic plan to enter into the market highlighting on product, pricing,

promotion, and distribution strategies.

7. Identify any environmental challenges the company may face in next 3 to 5 years’ time and their

implication on doing business in the market.

Marking Criteria:

1. Brief description of the company’s current product-market and competitive capability analysis of

the company for international marketing activity (approx. 250 words excluding any table and figure)

2. Selection and Environmental assessment of the foreign market. This is one of the main tasks of

this assignment (approx. 1000 words excluding any table and figure)

3. Market entry strategy (approx. 250 words)

4. Marketing strategies. This is one of the main tasks of this assignment (approx. 1250 words)

5. Future challenges in the market and their impact (approx. 2500 words)

6. References (use APA citation rules in the body and reference list – in alphabetical order).

Provide full citation details for all sources. No word count will apply.


Follow other instructions provided for the assessment task in the Unit Guide

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