Interviewee Career Analysis Paper: Theory of Work Adjustment & Super’s Theory of Career Development

Final Research and Analysis Paper: For this final component in your course project, you will revise your Unit 6 assignment based on the feedback you have received, and complete a similar analysis of your interviewee using a different career development theory. You will also need to examine your interview findings through the lens of cultural influences and ethical concerns. You are expected to integrate the feedback that you receive on your Unit 2 and Unit 6 assignments into your Unit 9 assignment. Your paper should include the following elements: Describe your interviewee’s situation, including his or her interests, preferences, personality, skills, and values. You do not need to address all five of these aspects, but you should address at least two. (From your Unit 6 assignment.) Interpret your interviewee’s work and life career history and development within the framework of at least two career development theories presented in the course: USE THE FOLLOWING THEORIES: (TWA)Theory of Work Adjustment & Super’s theory of Career Development. Evaluate the cultural influences and unplanned unique career and professional development events affecting the work and life career history and career development of your interviewee. Evaluate potential ethical concerns if the interviewee became a personal career counseling client. Describe how the application of career counseling theory may assist the interviewee in managing career development. Analyze current trends in the field supported by the scholarly literature that may be beneficial to the interviewee, given his or her context. Demonstrate professional communication skills, including graduate-level writing skills and proper APA style and formatting. Assignment Requirements Research and references: Provide a minimum of 15 scholarly references in proper APA style. Refer to the APA Style and Format Campus page for assistance. Number of pages: The body of your paper must be 12–18 pages, excluding the cover page, abstract, table of contents, and references (see the required sections information). Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point. Formatting: Present your paper in APA format. Written communication: Written communication must reflect graduate-level writing skills and successfully convey the message. Required sections: A cover page, which includes: The title of your paper. Your name. Your specialization or program. Title and number of this course. The current quarter and year at Capella. Your e-mail address. The instructor’s name. An abstract, or brief summary of your paper. A table of contents. The body of the research paper, including appropriately organized headings and subheadings. A reference list, in proper APA style and format, of the sources cited in your paper

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