introduction to health profession

Students must use the textbook as well as at least two other sources to gather information (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics*). Students will then write a paper,which must include information relating to ALL of the following:

1. Name of career and overview of profession (15 points) name of career DENTISTRY

-Include duties, responsibilities, work environment/hours, and places of employment.

2. Educational requirements (15 points)

-Include types of certificates, diplomas, degrees, and other credentials, such as licensure, certification, and registration Is this a true profession or occupation? Justify your position. What are the occupations within the profession and their level of education?

3. Specialties within the profession and occupations within the profession includingcareer/professional growth or development opportunities (35 points)

4. Current average salary and related benefits (10 points)

-Include salary ranges (2008-2018 or most recent) and types of employee benefits (such as life and health insurance, tuition reimbursement)

5. Job outlook for the future (15 points)

-Include current numbers and projected numbers (2008-2018 or most recent), with percentage increase or decrease

-Include reasons for expected increase or decrease

Provide three names of schools in Illinois and/or surrounding areas that offers the profession

6. Summary/Concluding statement (10 points)

*US Bureau of Labor and Statistics web address: copy and paste in the browser…us+bureau+of+labor+and+statistics&sc=5-33&qs=n&sk=&cvid=0e0614931a1b4cdfaa370ca86b577f38

The paper must be three pages in length excluding the cover page. The paper must be typed, double-spaced throughout, with 12 pt font using Times New Roman, and 1-inch margins. Points will be deducted if these specifications are not met.

Course Recommended Textbook

Nana Cross, N. & Dana McWay. Seventh EditionStanfield,Introduction to the Health Professions. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning. ISBN 978-1-284-09880-8

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