is a research project and paper this is a research project answer the prompts given by using the web site given

is a research project and paper.This is a research project and paper. Explore the SBA website at Do not use any other resources.

  • If you were a small business owner, I’m sure you’d find the SBA website very valuable
  • Address each of the prompts below.
  • Demonstrate your clear understanding of the topics by analyzing and summarizing the content you learned during your research.
  • Do not copy and paste content from the website into your paper. Your work should demonstrate your own understanding and depth of thought.


  1. What resources are available to small business owners locally?
  2. What classes does the Learning Center offer?
  3. Explain what financing assistance is available for small business owners.
  4. Do you think the website lives up to the SBA’s goal of being a one-stop shopping resource for the small-business owner? Share why or why not?


This is a research project using on the website. Do not use any other resources.

Do not copy and paste content from the website into your paper. Conduct your own research and summarize what you learned for each answer.

  • List each question, with your answer below it.
  • Use a narrative format (paragraphs). Do not use bullets.
  • Full 2 – 3 pages of typed content (not 1 1/2 pages)
  • Single spaced (do not double space this business research document)
  • 1″ margins all sides
  • Use a standard size 12 font
  • Spell and grammar check your work. Re-read it to improve the sentence structure and for accurate punctuation.
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