Jewish American Any issues in the workplace that impact this sub- culture ?

Religion was an issue at the workplace before but according to the latest survey, Jewish Americans have stopped complaining about the discrimination. The jews are in the country for a very long time and they are very large in number. Almost 60% of Jews are foreign-born and they have successfully become a part of the American culture. There were instances when Jews faced religious discrimination when they attended interviews and also when they worked for a company.Now the companies have been concentrating on Islan so the Jews have moved to a safes side of the business. Companies have made it optional for the people to mention their religion in their online job application and the people are becoming more open-minded towards religion. The work culture of the companies in America right now is very different from what it was 20 years ago. Companies have started respecting every religion and language and this is a good sign for the global workforce. It is no different for the Jewish Americans and they will also enjoy the same benefits when they are part of an organization.

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