Just think about the marketing aspects. In both of President Obama’s campaigns (2008 and 2012) he made unprecedented use of grassroots channels to generate support, encourage voter turnout and raise funds with savvy use of the Internet to support his campaigns. He was the first presidential candidate to extensively use the Internet for campaign purposes. The Internet and social media for campaigning became mainstream in the 2016 elections. There is a great deal of material written about this subject. Research this topic and find an article that describes what was done during the 2008, 2012 or 2016 campaigns, and what was accomplished. Please avoid blogs and commentaries unless they are from well-known sources, such as the NY Times, WSJ, Time Magazine, etc. (in other words, do not use sources of “alternative facts”). The below discussion is about marketing, not politics! (200+ words) – from what you now know about Web 2.0, depending upon which year you are discussing: What did then Obama do right, why was it right, and what audience was targeted by those items? Is there anything that he could have done better, or didn’t do well at all? OR What did Trump do right, why was it right, and what audience was targeted by those items? Is there anything that he could have done better, or didn’t do well at all? Comment on, or make additional suggestions about the use of Web 2.0 in recent presidential campaigns. NO COPYING FROM OTHER CHEGG ANWERS, SOLUTIONS OR OTHER SOURCE NO COPYING FROM WIKIPEDIA. NO SCREEN SHOTS OR IMAGES OF RESPONSE. PLEASE TYPE YOUR ANSWER OR UPLOAD DOCUMENT IF REQUIREMENTS MENTIONED ABOVE ARE NOT MET I WILL GIVE A NEGATIVE RATING Comments Expert Answer

In 21st century Digital Technology has provided a dynamic platform to presidential candidates who can now have more of a dynamic conversion which happens in the form of dialogues . Presidential candidates can now converse with a lot of voters directly on a one to one manner . The Web today provides a genuine platform for grass root level campaigning as power gets diffused and its a free for all where every body can participate and this is where the presidential candidates can engage the voters. Now if we rewind back and compare the digital campaigns of Barack Obama and Donald Trump we will find that both used digital technology in the best possible manner and both understood remarkably well what was audience expecting from their presidential candiadtes at that point of time. In case of Barack Obama Twitter , Youtube , Facebook & personal web as channels were used extensively where as in case of Donald Trump it was Twitter . So Barack Obama’s case just about everything on digital front was used where as in case of Trump it was mostly Twitter. In Barack Obama’s case the target voters were youngsters where as in case of Donald Trump it was basically of voters of all generations. In Barack Obama’s case the use of digital technology was also to highlight to voters that he represented just the kind of young leadership needed by the country which was in sync with the newer levels of advancement . His political gimmick was to portray himself a forward thinking candidate so that he can attract the young voters . In terms of activity on social media & web Barack Obama was way ahead of his nearest competitor Romney as he posted twice number of blogs on his website and more than twice videos on youtube . He was most active on twitter than any of his rivals. In Donald Trump’s case it was basically understanding the effects just one socila media can have if use it effectively . Donald Trump used Twitter and in fact he had become a Twitter master and was not afraid to say anything relevant directly on Twitter . By doing so he appeared to be just the straight & right guy who could bring certain revolutionary changes required at that time . He did not use all the channels available but he was quite effective in understanding his audience and used a lot of entertainment in his tweets just to engage his audience better. Just like Obam he also hosted Saturday Night Live but his straight unapologetic de manure ensured attracting the largest number of viewers ever.

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