Kylie Jenner And Kylie Cosmetics Brand Strategy

I have attached requirements for the assignment and also I have attached my work up until now. Below you can find a proposed structure

  1. Background (tv showss social media following, twitter, youtube)
    1. Target audience
      1. Her effect on different target audience
      2. Lifestyle and perfect life
    2. Consumer segmentation (main bases of segmentation)
      1. Demographics
      2. Psychographics
      3. Behavioral 
  2. Soft power, virals, selling power of products
    1. Snapchat
    2. Life as a business
    3. Rise and shine
    4. Lip filler
  3. Kylie lip kit & Kylie cosmetics
  4. (halo effect)
  5. (brand element choice criteria)
  6. (create culminate model)
  7.  (brand personality and brand identity)
  8.  (the brand system)
  9. (perimeters of brand extensions)
  10.  (consumer behavior find on slides)
  11. Marketing
  12. Buzz
  13. Scarcity
  14. collaborations
  15. Kylie skin (line extension)
  16. Effectiveness of her branding
    1. Valuation
      1. Actually purchased for 600M
    2. BrandKylie Cosmetics




      If you are a millenial, or if you are a human living on planet earth, chances that you have heard or read of the Kardashians are high. But if you have not, I will make a quick and easy introduction; they are one of the most famous families in the world. Their claim to fame began when they started their reality show called “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in the United States back in 2007 and they have been in the spotlight ever since. Using the show as their platform (which by the way has been running for 18 seasons making it the longest standing reality show ever) they have become some of the most followed and influential people in the world of fashion and beauty, making every product they use, wear and endorse immediately a sell out product. Their fame has come with its fair share of controversies, with critics constantly judging their do-nothing way of life and questioning their fame and lack of talent. However this has not stopped people wanting to look, dress and live like them and this, as Kim Kardashian said on instagram back in 2014 when she posted a picture of her gracing the cover of Forbes magazine as a mobile mogul and as one of the top earning celebrities, is not too bad for someone with no talent. The same magazine named the youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire in 2019, knocking Mark Zuckerberg off the throne at only 21. She did so by creating her own cosmetics brand under her name. The title itself created its own fair share of controversies as many questioned the “self-made” part due to her family’s already established fame. So how did Kylie do it? Was it her family, the show, the controversies or her own personal brand?

      As I am writing this, Kylie Jenner’s instagram follower count stands at 165 million, making her the 6th most followed person in the world. She has been in the spotlight as the youngest of the Kardashian clan since the age of 10 and is now the richest and most followed of the bunch, being active on the most popular social media platform where she posts daily her lavish lifestyle, her outfits and sexy photoshoots. She may be considered as an extension of her family, but with a small analysis we can conclude that she stands on her own as a successful entrepreneur and self enterpriser. Her business model is based around her luxurious lifestyle, giving followers and the impressionable youth access to it through a snap or a post. Her individuality came to light

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