la 498 liberal arts capstone 2

OK…..I am officially in over my head. This is my last class and nothing I have taken prior to this has prepared me for this……Help please……

I am attaching my previous submissions.

Scaffold Step #3 is your literature review, which you will submit at the end of Module 4. The literature review serves as the foundation for your final research paper. A well-written literature review is broad in scope and illustrates the extent to which you understand the current research related to your topic. Toward this end, you’ll need to dig through the databases in the college library to find peer-reviewed articles and research studies published in academic journals. If you need help searching the academic databases, contact an Excelsior librarian. To achieve the broad scope necessary, include 9–15 scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources related to your field of study. See the module assignment instructions in Canvas for more details.

This set of writing templates allows you to set up the Literature Review Matrix for submission in Module 3.

Literature Review Matrix: Source 1

Use the writing templates below to continue completing Scaffold Step #3.


Journal Name, Article Title, Date, and Permalink


Focus/Purpose of Study


Agreements with Other Researchers

Controversies/Disagreements with Other Researchers

Implications for Future Research and Practice

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