Law and Society

Due 12:00 AM Tuesday night/Wednesday morning


Format: 4 pages double spaced Times New Roman 12pt font. 


I.     Law and society- need to use statistics not opinions, give numbers

a.     Criminal law

                                               i.     Court system

                                             ii.     Fast or slow moving system?

                                            iii.     Plea bargaining- The Plea (PBS Documentary)

                                            iv.     How is plea bargaining essential to criminal law system

                                             v.     Color of justice on youtube- is the system biased and can this be corrected?

                                            vi.     GENERAL QUESTION TO ANSWER: Is the criminal law system the most adequate for our society? Does it work? Is there a better way of doing things?

b.     Civil law

                                               i.     League of denial doc on pbs frontline

                                             ii.     Does the civil system adequately compensate victims from wrongdoing?

                                            iii.     What is civil law supposed to do? Make the victim whole again?


Use scholarly articles to back up information and statistics


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