Leadership Paper

For Leader Analysis Paper #2, please submit a 4-5 page (minimum) double-spaced paper that details the following:

1.   Specifically, how did your leader display (or not display) aspects of Communication and Leadership (Unit 4), Recognizing and Leveraging Organizational Culture and Climate (Unit 5), and Developing High Performing Teams (Unit 6). Please include citations and references to Units 4, 5, and 6 reading materials that support your answers.

2.  How can you apply the conclusions of your assessment and analysis to leadership roles and responsibilities in your organization?


Hi for this assignment i am attaching the APA format you will follow according to the University. (**See attachment**)

Secondly, I am attaching the books for this assignment.

My leader is Elon Musk.

The assignment has to be according to the content mentioned in the book only with examples.

Good references will be appreciated.

Please do not get confused with page number. Use common sense.

Chapter 4

· Lussier & Achua, Chapter 6, pp. 190-209; take Self-Assessment 1 (Listening Skills) on pp. 195-196.

· PMBOK Guide, Chapter 10, pp. 359-392.


Chapter 5

· Lussier & Achua, Chapter 10, pp. 356-368.

· Lewis, Chapters 7, 11, &13.


Chapter 6

· Lewis, Chapter 6.

· Lussier & Achua, Chapter 8, pp. 276-293; 301-307.

· PMBOK Guide, Sections 9.4-9.5, pp. 336-351.

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