liabilities 4

  • For this week’s discussion, Go to to use the Company Dossier through Nexis Uni to research (1) publicly traded company in which you are interested using the Internet and/or Strayer databases. Locate the company website and financial statements. Also, locate information on the types of bonds the company issues. Review the Liabilities section of the company’s Balance Sheet. Be prepared to discuss.
  • Imagine that you are advising an investor who is considering purchasing bonds issued by the selected company. Analyze the types of bonds the chosen company issues. Make a recommendation to the investor as to which type of bond would provide the most value. Justify your response.
  • Please respond to the following peer post: The company I have chosen is Microsoft Corporation, due to them being one of the most popular companies on the stock market. According to their website, with all figures in millions, their total liabilities for 2019 (their year ended June 30th) was $184,226, compared to 2018’s $176,130. Their current liabilities for 2019 was $69,420, with it being $58,488. Microsoft Corporation issues Corporate Bonds, which are bonds that corporations issue to raise financing. There are different maturity terms for the corporate bonds offered: 3yr, 5yr, 10yr, 20yr, 30yr and 40yr with different coupons.

    With Microsoft Corporation only offering corporate bonds and corporate bonds being a good choice anyway, investors should choose to purchase a bond from them. Corporate bonds are a good choice for investors as these bonds offer nice returns in comparison to the risks and diversifies their portfolio. There is also higher income in comparison to other bonds like government bonds. Corporate bonds with a strong company like Microsoft Corporation is beneficial as the room for growth is there.

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