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Wilde on The Importance of being Earnest”:

Often writers say some interesting things about their work that provide insight into it. Here’s what Wilde had to say about his play:

He called it his “trivial play.”

He referred to it as being “quite nonsensical” and with “no serious interest.”

He likened it to a “delicate bubble of fancy.”

When asked what kind of comedy it is, he replied that it is “somewhat farcical.”

He described it as a play “written by a butterfly for butterflies.”

He thought that “the great charm of the play is the dialogue.”

However, he believed that it had “its philosophy.”

He claimed that the play asked us “that we should treat all the trivial things in life very seriously, and all the serious things of life with sincere and stupid triviality.”

A few years ago, one of my friends directed a version of Earnest and I asked him about the production. This director thought that every character in the play is, in fact, Oscar Wilde, and that they’re all talking the way Wilde does. He told his actors that when they come on stage they have to think that the character owns their world. His adaptation of the play was a gender-bending one: Lane was played by a male actor, but Merriman became a female role. Miss Prism and Lady Bracknell were both played by men in drag. I think he was picking up on the identity and role-playing themes in the play. He told me that he wanted to bring out the wit in the play and advised his actors to speak the lines clearly and try not to bump into the furniture.

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