Littlefield Labs and Bigfield Labs have identical process designs with the same processing times and capacities to test blood samples. The capacity is 9.06 jobs per hour. Blood samples (customer jobs) arrive at the two different clinical labs at the same rate, which follows a Poisson distribution. At a throuput rate of 4.53 jobs per hour, it is observed that, on average, Little field has a cycle time to finish a job in 13.6 hours, while Bigfield has a cycle time of 22.1 hours. Which of the following statement is true? a. Bigfield Labs has higher process variability than Littlefield Labs when demand rate is high, and has lower process variability, than Littlefield labs when demand rate is low. b. Bigfield Labs has the same level of process variability as Littlefield Labs. c. Bigfield Labs has lower process variability than Littlefield Labs. d. Bigfield Labs has higher process variability than Littlefield Labs.

Answer d: BigFieldhas higher process variability than Littlefield labs.

Though Big field and Littelfield has the identical process design and identical process set up with same processing time and capacities to test blodd samples, but the average time taken by the Bigfield lab is higher than the Littlefield lab, this indicates that the vairability is high in the Bigfieldlab. Due to the higher variability of the Bigfield lab, it is taking higher lead time for the blood samples tests.

If the variability is low, then the testing will be completed speedly and it will take low time.

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