live speaker eval ec

Live speaker eval EC

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You can evaluate a live speaker for a little bit of extra credit. Here are the rules:

  • You can evaluate any speaker you hear present live (so not recorded) at any formal event you attend in-person (if you have concerns about whether or not it would count, contact me first)
    • there are a lot of live events going on around us all the time on and off-campus, you just have to look
    • the event must occur during the current quarter (it is due at the end of the quarter when all other final work is due – no late submissions will be accepted)
    • it can be any speaker as long as listening to the speech is the purpose of the event
    • it cannot be a sermon at a place of worship or someone in a regular class or other informal setting (so, for example, you can’t evaluate your math teacher’s lecture or another student’s presentation in some other class because you won’t be doing what you are supposed to be doing in that class if you are evaluating … and it can’t be some random person that you ask to give you a speech, it must be a formal event 🙂

Your post should include 3 parts (remember, most of your readers won’t have seen the same speech so you need to give us enough information to understand what you are saying from the context – more information is better than not enough!):

  1. Include a paragraph about the event/speech (i.e. who sponsored the event, where, when, why, etc.) plus a synopsis of the speech (i.e. speaker, topic, message, etc.)
  2. Include a paragraph that details at least 3 things the speaker did well (with enough information that we can “see” and “hear” what you “saw” and “heard”)
  3. Include a paragraph that details 3 areas the speaker could improve (with enough information that we can “see” and “hear” what you “saw” and “heard”) with suggestions you would give the speaker to fix those things.

The amount of EC earned will be entirely subjective (up to 0.5 pts max per event, 2 events and/or PSLab appts max per quarter) and it will depend on how well you convey your thoughts and evaluation to people who have no idea what you’re talking about (because they didn’t see the same speaker). You’re not required to respond to anyone to get the EC (but it can’t hurt to do so).

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