lld 100a discipline investigation assignment

Hi Henry,

I was pretty happy with the previous Rhetorical Analysis essay you had helped me on, so I decide to work with you again for this new report essay.

This assignment is an interview report for my Business Management major. I have chose Maurice Chen, a store manager at Walmart with 8 years of experiences. I just made up the name of this person to submit to my professor for the advance bio of interviewee, but please prefer to his name, Walmart, and 8 years experiences along the essay. You can look for any other manager at Walmart or any retail companies which will be easier for you to write about. Just make sure that the manager information I underlined above stay the same in the report.

Below are attachment of:

1. The prompt of the report including 3 steps:

a. Interview: interview a professional in your field of study (BUSINESS MANAGEMENT) to gain insight into your future discourse community.

b. Outside research: TWO outside sources must be cited within the Discipline Investigation report.

c. Prepare report: the information you learned during your interview and outside research, providing an introduction and conclusion to share how your own expectations about the field may have changed or broadened in doing this assignment.

2. The detailed outline ( 2 images)

3. A student sample : please follow just the same format and organization as the sample.

FORMAT: 1500 words.

I am an intermediate writer, so I just need a good essay with SIMPLE words, no too complicated phrases. Please let me know if you need any further info. Thank you!

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