lower manufacturing operating and service costs

Lesson 4:

I’ve labelled who will be responsible for what and we can compile / put in our owns words to submit for the assignment. Please remember, our project expansion is Target Corporation.


  1. Discuss with your team how this combination model can:
    1. Reduce development costs as you move into a global market (danielle)
    2. Increase customer infatuation and satisfaction, and profit (danielle)
    3. Shorten development times and time-to-market (alfa)
    4. Maximize you design and development resources (alfa)
    5. Lower manufacturing, operating, and service costs (nikitha)
    6. Decrease marketplace failures for your specific product and company. (princee)
  2. Make a graphic that shows specific areas in the development of the product or process your company will sell on the global market where you can reduce cost and time while providing a product that can be quickly and easily adapted to meet customer need and desire. (I will make the graphic and attached it to a comment – we can all use this in our assignment. I will provide by end of day, today.


Use the examples of Kanban boards to begin to think about how you would lay out your plan thus far. With the team try a few. Then decide on one that best meets your needs and integrate all the information you have pulled together this far.

Use large paper and post-it notes for the board.

***Please enter your comments in the table, below. We can use the completed table for the submission.




Hiring process

Marketing strategies

Decided to expand to Asia

Operational costs

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