Machu Picchu

 1.For the introduction, provide an overview of your paper and thesis statement. 2.Explainits history and interesting points about it. You will also explain the reason why you choose it. 3.After providing in-depth information about your choice and why you chose it, you will next provide information about travel arrangements, which will encourage you to see it for your self. To accomplish this fun task, you will answer the following questions in a paragraph or two: Air Travel: What airline will you be flying? What are are your aerial and departure dates and times? What website will you use to book your flight and what is the cost of your flight? Hotel: Describe your hotel and explain why you chose your hotel. what do you like about it? What is the cost of the hotel? Money Conversions: How much is the American dollar worth in this country? $. After answering questions about air, travel,htel, and money conversion, you will provide a 7-daytrip itinerary in bullet-point format you will show all tourist activities, rental (car, scooter, bicycle, etc.) You will show costs for all activities, so please be as specific as possible. For example, your itinerary might look like this: Day 1: Thursday 9/1/2017 arrive in Machu Picchu, Peru at 7:00am Check in: at ? visit hotel and have brunch? go on tour? have dinner? back to hotel 5. after providing information about travel arrangements, next provide an itemized total cost for your trip example travel: 2,000 Meals:300 tourists activities: 1000 rental car: 500 grand total for your conclusion, in a paragraph or two, explain how you will think and feel after seeing what you chose to visit.

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