man 3503 week 2 2


Chapter 21

Note: This assignment requires you to apply the tools learned in the chapter to a, business, social or crime-related scenario of your own selection. Do NOT use the Coronavirus.

Select one current social, business, or criminal issue in your community (Clearwater FL) using data available from local newspapers, local business news, online police reports, and other credible sources. Examples of social issues might include increase or decrease in teen pregnancies, homelessness, or traffic accidents. Examples of business issues might include increased closing of brick and mortar stores or decline in jobs in certain professions.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the issue you choose is from CLEARWATER, FL, USA

Book Access: here is the link for chapter21, please create a trial account which will be free for 15 days to access text book.

Lenght: No more than 4 pages not including title page, and reference page


Sample Topic
The number of crimes related to identity theft have shown a 10 % increase from 2014 to 2016 in Shelby County in the state of Tennessee (citation). The overall crime rate for the county decreased to 5 percent (citation).


Answer the case study questions below and submit your document to this dropbox for grading.

  1. State the topic selected and provide a brief explanation of the situation and potential risks associated with it.
  2. Identify the restraining and driving forces that may be impacting the issue using a force field analysis (pp. 408 – 411). Diagram the details associated with this analysis (p. 411).
  3. Perform a Cause and Effect analysis using the three steps outlined in the textbook on Page 401. Explain major causes and sub-causes identified. Include the fishbone diagram in your response.
  4. Provide recommendations to reduce risk and improve the issue identified.


  • Apply critical thinking.
  • Include a minimum of one quality SPC online library source to support your ideas as well as your textbook.
  • Do not copy the questions. Use short headings to identify the topic of the question.
  • Formal writing and all APA formats are required. Answer the questions in no more than 4 pages not including title page, and reference page.
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