• Which level of management is typically concerned with the long-term direction of the organization?
    • A. Tactical
    • B. Strategic
    • C. Operational
    • D. Functional
  • 2. The management function which specifies the organizational goals to be achieved is called..?
    • A. Organizing
    • B. Planning
    • C. Leading
    • D. Controlling
  • 3. Translating the general goals and plan of an organization into more specific activities is the responsibility of which type of manager?
    • A. Functional
    • B. Operational
    • C. Tactical
    • D. Strategic
  • 4. Walmart uses very low prices to attract customers. This can be referredt to as attempting to develop..?
    • A. Product differentiation
    • B. Competitive advantage
    • C. Unfair trade practices
    • D. Market capitalization
  • 5. Operational Managers play a crucial role in an organization because they..
    • A. Provide the link between managerial and non-managerial personnel
    • B. Discipline problem employees
    • C. Manage the organization-environmental interface
    • D. Perform all major operations
  • 6. Interpersonal and communication skills are often referred to as _____skills.
    • A. Leading
    • B. Controlling
    • C. Organizing
    • D. Planning
  • 7. Managers usually rely less on technical skills as they rise through an organization.
    • A. True
    • B. False
  • 8. Aseembling and coordinating organizational resources is referred to as ____
    • A. Planning
    • B. Organizing
    • C. Controlling
    • D. Leading
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