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1.The super trends which drive HP to change are the following;

Firstly, HP might not survive the disruptive innovation as technology is moving more towards ink-free photo and document sharing. Therefore, HP will no longer produce and sell printers and lose huge proportion of profits.

Secondly, HP’s competitors offering specialized solutions require the company getsits products to market faster. Companies such as Apple and Samsung are considered to be fierce competitors to HP, and they have achieved quantum leaps in producing specialized products at very competitive prices, which puts HP on the danger zone of losing a considerable proportion of its market share.

Thirdly, knowledge, not information, is becoming the new competitive advantage. Therefore, the company is currently looking for small to midsize acquisitioncandidates in cloud computing, security, and analytics software, which is a promising step for success.

2.HP are facing both outside and inside forces which require the need for change. Speaking of outside forces,the company is encountering a remarkable advancement in information technology as technology is moving towards ink-free photo and document sharing, bringing the lucrative printer business into a near downfall. Another outside force is the fierce competition in managing the sales process. HP has an undeniable weak point in that matter.It took HP as much as three weeksto prepare a sales quote, when competitors could do it ina matter of days.

On the other hand, the company is facing some inside forces, such as job dissatisfaction and potential increased turnover due to the big move taken by the company in cutting redundancy and laying off thousands of its employees.

3.HP is performing well in the following four steps for fostering innovation:

Firstly, HP recognized problems and devised solutions for them as the company realized the constant declining in its annual income since 2011 and thus decided to cut jobs and lay off thousands of its employees. An endeavour intended to save huge costs and allocate it for investing in new technologies andskills to revive growth. Also the company upgraded its sales process by using new tools from

Secondly, HP worked on gaining allies by communicating its vision with its customers. The company’s CEO Whitman conducted 305 one-on-one meetings and 42 roundtable chats with small groups of its customers around the world.

Thirdly, HP overcame its employees’ resistance and encouraged them to achieve progress as the company’s CEO took an exceptional step to eliminate the deeply rooted discrimination between the company’s executives and subordinates by taking away the barbed wire fence and the locked gates in the company’s parking lots. However, the huge job cuts done by the company may affects negatively on the employees morale.

Lastly, HP executed well in managing people, groups and organizational processes effectively. The company’s CEO, Meg Whitman, decided to work from a cubicle like most employees, which would reflect a positive impression. Also she changed the organizational structure to fuel growth by creating two business clusters; one for corporate technology customers, and the other for selling printers, laptops, PCs and mobile devices worldwide.

4.The company’s CEO Meg Whitman described her action of the job cuts as an opportunity to streamline the company further and make it more nimble. However, this action is also a potential threat. Laying off thousands of employees this way could lead to a climate of distrust prevails among the existing employees in the company and make them reconsider their loyalty to it. Therefore, I recommend the CEO to set a substitute plan for getting the most out of any surplus in human capital and using them to further the company’s operations instead of laying them off. Moreover, the company should invest in its human capital by settingup a system for developing, rewarding and maintaining competent employees.

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