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·         Your Three Issues:

  1. Specific issue is introduced and its relevance explained in OB terms.  Why is it important?  Why should we put effort into understanding it?                                        

·         Examples:  One example per issue:  the very best example you have of each issue.  High quality example, thorough, well-thought-out.  These are specific and real-world based.  They have clear actors (not generalized players) whose roles and concerns are explained.  The outcomes for the organization (aka, why should the organization care) and for the individual employees are explained.

·         Concepts3 high quality concepts per example – clearly and accurately related to the examples and the solutions/suggested next steps.  The BEST concepts for the example that you can come up with.

  1. Provide brief definitions (be sure to cite your source appropriately- no plagiarism) and explain how the concept applies.
  2. Only include the most relevant concepts.  Think of it this way, if you’re a doctor diagnosing strep throat it isn’t useful to focus on your patient’s athlete’s foot.

·         Solutions/Suggested Next Steps: 2 high quality solutions per example– clearly describe solutions or options for employees and organizations to improve the issue. Must ensure the following:

  1. Solutions must be grounded in/informed by OB material!  You must be able to show how your solutions are somehow related to or inspired by OB.
    1. For instance, this is NOT acceptable

                                                  i.      Issue: People aren’t showing up to work

                                                ii.      OB concept: Motivation

                                              iii.      Next Steps: Make them a schedule (this is a practical solution, but not informed by OB concepts and doesn’t address the really problem (motivation).

                        Balance your solutions so that you apply them to both the employees and the organizations.  Don’t place all the burden for change on one or the other.

                        Don’t be simplistic. Saying “The organization should help the employees feel more committed” is not enough – tell me how they can do this.  How would you instruct a manager to implement your solution?

                        These must be actionable.  Saying that someone “should just be more motivated” is not actionable.  Act as though you are providing recommendations to managers. Literally.  What are the words you’d use that would be useful?






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