management homework short reading and qa assignment

Step 1) Read the mini-case – “Genzyme’s Focus on Orphan Drugs” and the Business Insider article “McDonald’s Coffee is Driving Away Customers”.

Step 2) Post ONE ORIGINAL REPLY to EVERY question posted below. (Each answer should be 6-7 lines long)

Step 3) Post at LEAST ONE reply to another student’s comment. Do you agree with your fellow student? Can you expand on their comment? Please see the word document attached. (Do this by replying to your fellow student’s comment)



**** Discussions will be evaluated based on originality, depth of analysis and link to course concepts.  Comments like “I agree” do not count! ****





  1. Genzyme’s Focus on Orphan Drugs: What affect does this have on (1) the competition it faces, (2) the bargaining power of its customers, and (3) the types of resources it needs? 
  2. Mc Donald’s: Identify some of McDonald’s core competencies. In the context of coffee, explain why you think McDonald’s does or does not have dynamic capabilities.
  3. Genzyme’s Focus on Orphan Drugs: Do you think Genzyme’s focus on orphan drugs make sense?  What are some of the risks to doing this? 

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