Management Strategic | Blackboard Masters Management Strategic


Identifies the basic problem facing the firm
Clearly identifies underlying strategic factor(s)
Demonstrates understanding of issues in the case and of strategy
Current Conditions and Strategy 15%
States mission as stated or implied in the case where appropriate
Identifies goals and objectives where appropriate
Describes key strategies; gets beyond describing activities to the underlying strategies
Describes current conditions including finances where appropriate
Clearly relates each of the above to the focus issue(s).
Analysis 30%
Addresses main issue(s)
Uses appropriate theories and models; correctly applies models
Provides “value-added” explanation or insights that go beyond description
Uses appropriate data and information from the case
Relates information to USF and supports recommendations
Identifies key environmental factors, competitive conditions, and stakeholders
Identifies key capabilities, competencies, value creating activities, and sources of competitive advantage
Diagnosis 20%
Relates analysis to the conditions in the case
Clearly identifies key factors and conditions
Explains significance of analysis results
Relates analysis to USF
Provides adequate support for Recommendation/Conclusion
analysis SW  OF two by two
Recommendations/Conclusion 15%
Demonstrates that recommendations address basic problem
Demonstrates feasibility of recommendations
Shows that key stakeholder needs are addressed if appropriate
Identifies obstacles that may be encountered
Describes expected outcomes
Grammar and Structure 10%
Writing is clear, persuasive, and grammatically correct
Uses appropriate language for a business report
Uses appropriate terms, topics and “strategy language”
Follows logical sequence; good structure
Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
Citations are given in complete standard form where required

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