Length: 5, not incl. reference page

Format: APA

No plagiarism

Using a hypothetical healthcare organization, create 3 performance standards or benchmarks (e.g., net profit, quality ratings, service excellence award, average length of stay, average percentage of readmission after discharge, average medical error rate, and so on).

These benchmarks must be based on national standards or other successful profiles for this particular type of organization.

Evaluate the following strategic innovations that were used to evaluate your performance standards:

Selective contracting

Cost sharing

Managed care

Quality standards

Evaluate the role of decision making by the health care leader for any of the performance standard measures to achieve national benchmarks.

Compose performance baselines for healthcare organizations and develop strategies to manage and measure performance

Formulate policies governing health service vendors retained by a healthcare organization to address legal and regulatory requirements to ensure the safety, care, and privacy of patients.

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