marine policy project part 3

Part 3: Identify “Targets” for the Letter of Appeal (20 points)

The goal here is to get an argument into the hands of someone that can and will do something about your issue. Although the President of the United States can do something about many ocean-related issues, it is highly unlikely he or she will. Therefore, Presidents, Prime Ministers, or the Secretary-General of the United Nations are not good choices because they are busy with other issues!

It is best to target elected officials at the local or regional levels; they are much more likely to be familiar with the issue locally and its effect on the communities they represent. Former students have had little success in the past with congress and senate members. The targets can also be individuals within corporations and/or research institutes. International targets are perfectly acceptable. College professors love to talk about their research topic!

When researching targets, research their background, and how long they have been in office or at their job. Find out what their position is on the issue; many should have a website with stated policy positions. Make sure to collect and submit full contact information for each target; full addresses will be needed the formal letters in MPP Part 4.

For Grading Part 3:

Submit a list of at least 3 “targets” with a brief explanation the purpose for each target, including their relevance to the issue, policy positions, and any personal connection to the issue. For full credit on this assignment, include specific names of an individual within each target organization, and full address information for each target.

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