Marketing 101 Your initial posting will likely be various paragraphs in length, due to the content, and any outside sources that you use must be appropriately cited. Your discussion should include: A brief (one paragraph) discussion of the product. Remember, this product or service must be different from any example already posted by your classmates. Provide a link to the web site for this product or service. A discussion of the target market for this product or service. Was the target market segmented demographically (based on objective variable such as age, gender, family size, income, occupation, education, race, religion and/or nationality), geographically (based on where prospective consumers live or work), psychographically (based upon lifestyle, interests, hobbies, etc), or behaviorally(based on factors such as product features and usage rate)? Be specific, and keep in mind that the target market may actually be based on a combination of these factors. In your examination of the product’s or service’s website and/or advertising, what leads you to believe that the company has chosen this target market? Once again, be specific.

Product: Forest Essentials

Industry: Health Care/Beauty

Target Audience: Psychographical.

Website Link:

In my examination of the company’s website, I found the content to be designed for people who are highly aware and consicous of the lifestyle they lead, have no financial constraint (its a luxurious ayurveda website) and want nothing but the best. The website and products, all in all the entire theme of the website is Ayurveda, or Natural Skincare Treatment using recipes from Indian Ancient Scripture: Ayurveda (Ayur=Life, Veda=Scripture).

A person buying products from this website has to be someone who is health conscious, leads a healthy lifestyle, wants to give back to the society, (since using natural is much safr for the environment), and finally someone who purchases premium products. They have to be independant individuals with health over price attitude.

The company do not make any claims for their prices. Which means, they are psychologically allowing people to interpret that they do not offer discounts or cheap products since they offer the best. So their whole marketing is psychologically forming a person’s mind to buy their product. Everyhting is premium about their website.

Their prices easily fall into the category of other synthetic skincare products of their competition, but instead of making a noise about the same, they educate their customer about the quality of the product by involving them in their processes through their blogs. The company cares more about forming a relationship than making a customer.

Their strategy is not on playing volumes but rather on sentiments. This makes me believe that the target audience is psychographically targeted.

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