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Hey how is it goning? hope you very well. I need your perfect assistance like always with this Marketing assignment. Kindly Make sure of all instructions down there. If you have any question feel free. Also, I attached Screen shot of the rubric so you can see how is it grading and what should focus on? Thank you.

Assignment Instructions:

Format: 1)in bullet points ((do not provide paragraphs))- ((1-2 pages)), ((hyperlink your sources))


1) to keep abreast with current events that influence marketing.

2) to link concepts taught in class to real events and be able to explain what they mean.

3) to familiarize you with some of the business credible sources

4) to develop your research, writing and critical thinking skills


Check: (or other credible sources)









Answer the following questions in a bullet points format using at least (2-3) sources for each question to support your ideas;

1-JcPenny recently witnessed a price change strategy and a repositioning strategy. You are required to contrast both strategies? Identify the reasons why this change took place? Evaluate the current situation. State your own opinion as to why you think this is favorable or not

2-What led to the closure/bankruptcy of Circuit City? Identify the reasons and contrast the situation/performance of Bestbuy before and after Circuit City’s closure. (you can make predictions, form opinion with proper reasoning here). points)

3-What led to the closure of Borders? Identify the reasons and contrast the situation/performance of Barns and Noble before and after Borders’ closure. (you can make predictions, form opinion with proper reasoning here).

4-What led to the closure of Sears? Identify the reasons

5-Now do you think the nature of the business in 2, 3 and 4 makes a difference? Are some factors consistently behind the failure of these retail formats in general or is every situation unique? Justify your answer

6-Is Macys on its way to bankruptcy? Why? Why is Macy’s opening a discounted outlet? What is it hoping to achieve?

7-Amazon is opening some of its retail outlet and going back to brick and mortar- What do you think are some the reasons that is leading Amazon to do so? What do you think of this strategy and why?

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