Marketing International- Case Discussion

  • Please read the case and analyze it by answering these case analysis questions.
  • You may answer each case discussion question in each paragraph and separate different paragraphs for different questions. You don’t have to copy the discussion questions in your answer.
  • Although quantity is not quality, however I do not accept 1-2 sentence answers to each question. Please make a thorough case analysis, post 300 to 500 words’ case analysis (roughly 1.5-3 pages double spaced with12-font), and post it in the text entry format online

Case Discussion questions

  1. Why has Le Pliage been so successful? To what do you attribute it popularity and longevity? What is the role of the Longchamp brand in its success?
  2. How should Longchamp best manage its Le Pliage product line to ensure that it maintains its mythical status?
  3. How strong is Longchamp’s current value proposition in the marketplace? What do you think of its aspiration to change its position to move the brand up market and away from accessible luxury brands? Is this a wise move? Does the company have what it takes to do so? What defines a high luxury brand?
  4. How should Longchamp manage its product portfolio and distribution strategy to best achieve its goals? What is the right mix of products and what is the right mix of distribution channels for Longchamp?
  • Longchamp2.pdf
  • ReflectionPaperRubric-Revised-22.pdf
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