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Looking for the highlighted part that is missing from the marketing plan approx. 250 words and power point slides to go with the plan
Marketing Organization
Monthly sales targets have been set for Stitch Fix. Actual sales will then be compared with these targets and marketing programs modified to reflect the plans set out in the marketing plan. The speed of the roll-out program will increase or decrease, depending on Stitch Fix’s performance in the online subscription market.
Contingency Planning
There is nothing such as a fool proof marketing plan and a lot of things can possibly go wrong. The marketing strategies can backfire and not result in any additional sales revenue. To control the situation in this case, the best option would be to revert to pre-disaster marketing strategies. This would be wise since the previous marketing strategies are tried and proven. The firm’s marketing department would be responsible for execution of the contingency plan. Over the past year, we have had problems with our store’s tenant. Incase of any major that would result in us leaving the premises, we have a plan in hand. The contingency plan in this case is to use our manager’s basement as our temporary store. Our manager’s residence is just a block away from the storage facilities and it would serve as a temporary base as we look up a larger. With our dream to expand our target population, a move to a larger storage facility is inevitable and various alternatives are already being considered.

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