In this assignment you will apply what you have learned from Chapters 2 and 3 by conducting a SWOT analysis of CSUSB.


  1. Use the layout template provided in the assignment details. Save it as a Word document and submit it to Blackboard.
  2. Begin by populating the Strengths section of your chart. Identify what you perceive to be the strengths of CSUSB as compared to other universities. For example, answering the following questions should provide you with a start, but this list is not meant to be exhaustive:
    1. What advantages does CSUSB have that others don’t have?
    1. What does CSUSB do better than anyone else?
    1. What resources can CSUSB access?
    1. What do other people see as the strengths of CSUSB?
    1. What accomplishments should CSUSB be most proud of?
    1. What are the values of CSUSB and are they a strength or a weakness?
    1. What is the reputation/brand of CSUSB and is it a strength or a weakness?
  3. Continue to fill in the other three sections in your chart by:
    1. Identifying the weaknesses of CSUSB compared to other universities.
    1. Identifying opportunities that exist or will exist in the future (think environmental scan from Chapter 3) that CSUSB might be well positioned to take advantage of.
    1. Identifying threats that exist or will exist in the future (again, think environmental scan from Chapter 3) that CSUSB will need to take steps to address in order to avoid.
  4. Follow the layout example below. Use well written, bulleted sentences and make sure that you provide clear support for each of your bullet points. For example, you cannot simply state that the school has a good/bad reputation without providing a sentence or two to support your position.
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