mat104 discussion questions

3-5 sentences each section  as long as all questions are answered


Section 5)”Exponential and Logarithmic Models” Please respond to the following:

 Refer to the Measuring Earthquakes explanations, in your textbook, to answer the following questions. Chapter 10, Logarithmic Scales section, indicates that “The earthquake with a magnitude 8 releases a million times more energy than an earthquake with magnitude 4.”

        Assess the accuracy of this statement. Explain your answer in mathematical terms.

    From the e-Activity

        Summarize the source of the calculations for the Richter scale.

        Compare the Richter scale and Mercalli scale. In your opinion, explain which is more meaningful in the use of reporting earthquake destruction.

        Describe how math and science has made reporting earthquakes more accurate.


section 6) “Financial Management” Please respond to the following:

  • Explain the three methods for calculating credit card interest and your reason for going with a particular method.
  • Provide an example of how you can use the power of compounding interest to pay for a future expense.
  • Discuss which practical application covered in the chapter you think you will use within the next year and how you think studying this topic will help you make wise financial choices in the future.

Bottom of Form

section7)”Counting Principles” Please respond to the following:


    Compare and contrast permutations and distinguishable permutations. Provide a formula for each.

    State the fundamental counting principle and explain it in your own words.

    Explain the difference between a permutation and a combination. Provide an example of each.


section8)”Probability” Please responds to the following:

  • Provide one example to show how you can use the Expected Value computation to assess the fairness of a situation (probability experiment). Provide the detailed steps and calculations.
  • Develop a tree diagram for tossing two, eight-sided gaming dice to figure out how many possibilities there are. Discuss the purpose of using such a visual in working out probability.

section9)”Statistics” Please respond to the following:

You and three of your friends decide to take the same chemistry class together at the local university along with 21 other students. On the first day of class, the professor indicates that this class is graded on a bell-shaped curve.

        Explain in your own words what grading on a bell-shape curve means in this college chemistry class (make sure to read the textbook before you respond!).

        Determine if it is possible for you and your friends to all earn an A in this course if the instructor “grades on a curve”. Explain your answer.

        Discuss whether you think this method of grading is fair.

section10 )”Linear Models and Functions” Please respond to the following:

Describe applications of the Cartesian coordinate system to plot a real-world situation. In your description, indicate the characteristics of each coordinate, and a point in terms of specific x and y coordinates.

    Explain what the author means by “fickle picker” to help determine if a set of ordered pairs represents a function and how it can be used to identify a function. Provide an example.

    Explain whether it matters or does not matter which values you pick for x when you graph a line by plotting points. Explain your reasoning

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