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PROBLEM 1 The uniformly distributed loaded composite steel beam is shown in Figure 1(a). The steel composite sections consist of two steel plate 230×20 mm and a universal beam section 610UB125 are bolted together to form the composite section as shown in Figure 1(b). The 610UB125 sectional properties are given in Figure 1(c) and Table 1. The modulus of elasticity for steel is 200 GPa. For the beam and loading shown in Figure 1, determine: 1) the equation of the elastic curve in the terms of w, L, E, and I ; 2) the deflection at midspan of B; 3) the slope at A.PROBLEM 2 Knowing that beam AB is a composite section and a 300PFC and a 610UB125 are welded together to form the composite section as shown in Figure 2(b). P = 60 kN, L = 2 m, and E = 200 GPa, determine: 1) the elastic curve equation in term of P, L, E and I 2) the slope at A; 3) the deflection at C.

PROBLEM 3 For the beam and loading shown in Figure 3, 1) express the magnitude and location of the maximum deflection in the terms of w0, L, E, and I. 2) Calculate the value of the maximum deflection, assuming that beam AB is a 310UB46.2 section (See Table 2) and that w0 = 68 kN/m, L = 5.5 m and E = 200 GPa.

PROBLEM 4 For the cantilever beam and loading shown Figure 4, use principle of superposition to determine the slope and deflection at point C. (Hint: Use the Beam Deflections and Slopes Table on page A29, Beer et al., Textbook or next page)

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