memo 3 1 page just like last two you did for me

Please write a standard one-page memo in the format that we learned in February.

Please recall that you have written two previous memos, one on the Federal Reserve Report on Families, and the second memo predicting interest rates in 2020.

For Memo 3, follow the same format: Heading, a first paragraph that introduces the purpose of the memo; then three or so bullet points presenting relevant facts or points; then a discussion paragraph that says what you memo means and why you wrote it; then close with a recommendation for action, with maybe two bullets (We should do this and that).

The purpose of your memo is a call to action on a topic of your choice. It can be related to work, or recommend an activity for a social group that you are part of, or it can recommend something about Cal Poly Pomona. You choose the topic.

Example topic: An easy example would be to write a memo suggesting that CPP make an early decision to have only on-line courses in the Fall semester. That’s just an example. If you chose such a topic, then, follow the format and state the reasons for the recommendation. At the end, recommend converting the Fall schedule to online now, so that everyone is prepared, and maybe providing some resources for people who do not have computers.

Other example topics might be: Recommendations for changes in rental agreements or student housing or interest rates or student loan rules or public meetings due to the public health crisis.

Any topic is acceptable. Just point out something that needs to be done, say why, make a short argument for action and conclude with a clear recommendation for action.

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