In this paper you need to justify with using the qualitative methods. The method has been applied int his research topic. The data analysis has done with the descriptive method. Support with them together with the journal articles and justify the context.

2) Quantitative method: Justify these methods. qualitative and quantitative methods. and explain using with example and journal article. The data data analysis has been done using the logistic regression model in order to understand the reason for going mall. Justify the regression model.

And the likert scale in this topic.inorder to give us their emotion. and used pad scale. please justify these things. Explain how the data collection has done. it was done at the mall randomly choosen the people at the age of 20- 70 range. it was done with 100 respondents. (This is for the quantitative method).The aim is to understand why they would go to shopping mall.

– The qualitative method:
The respondents are in the bazaar. It is on 16 people. The aim is to understand why they would go to bazaar places. ( choosen randomly) and how these methods important in these context.

3)Research philosophy: Justify the Research philosophy with the journal articles. give supportive idea with this topic. Consumer decision making process over the shopping mall and bazaar places.

Which research philosohy is suitable for this topic. and support with the research articles. I will add more detail by messages.please consider the requirement. Firststart with the introduction what you are going to discuss in this paper give small introduction and at the end of the paper please make your own conclusion.

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