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1. Crystal

Non employee members of any board of directors serve without pay. Even though they can face personal liability in certain situations, I think that they are willing to essentially donate their time because they genuinely care. Personal liability is an accident or damage that you are legally responsible for. When we do things, they should be out of the kindness of our hearts. There are way too many individuals who do things and expect something in return. Some factors that may motivate such a commitment are because you are good at it, you love it, social connectivity, personal ambition, direct influence, and sense of duty. I know individuals including myself who are good at volunteering and love it as well. The board of directors meeting may be the only form of social connectivity that the individual may have. Everyone loves the feeling of being accomplished, and personal ambition would be the best way to describe why someone is so determined to achieve something. Direct influence can be something that the individual very much so can possess and can positively impact the board of directors. Sense of duty is something that we all have to face everyday. Whether it is at our job or in our personal lives. One of the main duties for the board of directors is to ensure that they are making the best and most beneficial decisions for the organization. I like the idea of having non-employee members as the board of directors, because they are able to make choices based on a consumers perspective.

2. Andrew

I work for a few companies that operated under a board of directors. I taught at a school for children with autism that was led by the director and also by the support of a educational board. Many of those members had experience in education and was aware of the standards. All the members of the board had leadership experience and was aware of different styles of leadership and how to work with staff members. Finally members in the Board had family relationship with the students in the school. I also support individuals with intellectual disabilities for a group home agency that have over 17 homes. The company is random and operated by directors administrators in program coordinators. The company also have the support of a board of directors. Unlike the school we are not aware of who those directors are and their direct relationship to the company.Both boardmember organizations were not paid for their services. Paying members of the board can become dangerous by their decisions will no longer be biased but focus on ways that can help them get more money. Many of the members have influences to support each organization. Some supported due to family relationships, Professional involve me such as working in education and have pure passion for the job and students. I think it is a beautiful way of giving back to the community by being a member of boards so many have personal obligations to support boards.


I currently work as a certified phlebotomist at a plasma center in the next city over. Many may think that being a phlebotomist is nothing but taking blood from people and send it off to be tested or testing the blood themselves, but there is much more to just sticking patients just for their blood. At the plasma center, we are responsible for the care and inspection of their blood as well as their plasma. A phlebotomist is people trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical, medical testing, transfusions, donations, and or research. At the plasma center, a phlebotomist is labeled as a biomedical technician who makes sure that the machines are running smoothly, and the donors are comfortable in the best way. My job description for being a biomedical technician is to assists in determining the suitability of donors to undergo plasmapheresis before venipuncture. When it comes to vein checking new donors, we look for the most prominent veins that we would feel that could withstand the machine. My expectations when taking my current job was to make sure that the kind of work that was expected of me to do fit with my abilities and or enhance my existing skills to another level. That the company was going to offer me full-time employment and that it would never be an instance where I thought my job would be eliminated. Making sure that the company had a positive reputation from the public as well as current and previous employees, which can be difficult, but I saw it as an opportunity to gather my own opinion of the company. I expected to make sure that I can advance within the company and that my work and growth will show for itself, whereas my pay and competitiveness will be a challenge. A significant expectation I look for is the benefits a company offers, as well as the hours. When searching for jobs, it can be difficult, especially when you have certain expectations of employment and do not want to feel overworked or unappreciated for the chance to work for a specific company. The board of directors for my corporation come to each center and tries to get to know each one of us, so they are currently meeting my expectations as far as being really into the business and knows what is going on daily. In Matthew 5:16, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” We all speak about God’s purpose for our lives, but how can we fulfill that purpose when our employers are not following through with the unspoken psychological contract.

4. Kyyohna

Employee Expectations from Corporation’s Directors

i have a friend that work at Latex Supplies Limited. His expectations from the corporation’s directors include ensuring that my health, safety, and welfare are catered for. A corporation’s directors are mandated to ensuring that the corporation is complying with any legislation that affects the employees’ health, welfare, and safety. Therefore, It’s expected that the directors of the corporation to ensure that Employees getting better and timely pay, I have insurance cover for my health, and I am protected from any injury or anything that might interfere with my safety while undertaking my daily duties (Fuente, García-Sanchez & Lozano, 2017). As an employee of the company, I also expect the directors of the company to ensure that I experience a conducive working environment. Through this, I mean that the directors should ensure that I am not discriminated against on the basis of my religion, gender, or race.

Some directors act as managers, as is the case in my corporation. Consequently, I expect the director of the corporation to ensure that I regularly receive training so as to improve my productivity. The director can organize for internal training or facilitate an external one. The training will help me to cope with the current market dynamics and ensure that I do not become irrelevant in the company as a result of the change of market dynamics (Yoshikawa & Hu, 2017). As an employee of the company, I also expect a good working relationship between the corporation’s directors and the employees. Good working relationships will improve the morale of the employees, and as a result, both personal and company productivity will improve.

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