microsoft project hw8

This exercise begins with information for a Hydrogen Development Project. Working in Microsoft Project, you will create the task list, including summary tasks and their sub-tasks, create links between tasks and their predecessors, add resources, and make changes to the original plan.


A. Enter the tasks, including the specified duration, specified predecessors, and specified resources from theHW8DataFilePreview the documentView in a new window. Make the Start date of the project: July 1, 2015.


B. Make corrections to the lowest level on the subtasks first, to be able to meet the bolded dates. (You may have to make changes such as SS, FS or FF; or other minor corrections.) After you make your corrections, identify the Original Finish Date for the entire project. Save the baseline at this point.


C. The investors in the company sense the urgency to get this product to market faster to meet the growing need for alternative fuels. They want you to cut down the time it takes to get to the beginning of production, Task 96, by 10%. Think carefully about the variety of tasks, and then make the changes to get the 10% reduction. Document the changes (ID number, task name, duration change). Identify the new finish date.


For your written response to B and C, submit a Word document. Remember to make your changes in response toC in the project.


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